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Symbiosis on the same frequency - visual image design of the first Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area Family and Children Aesthetic Education Academic Forum

The project is co sponsored by the Education College of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Overseas Chinese Town Culture Group Co., Ltd., and Huaxia Art Centre Co., Ltd. The main graphic of the screen combines the theme concept, uses bracket graphics extending backward with the same frequency to express the concept of combining multiple into one, and uses the same context from top to bottom to express the concept of symbiosis. The green leaf graphics formed represent aesthetic education teachers who set off children like green leaves, The abstract bird figure represents the free concept of children, generating interesting and highly recognizable main figures under the isomorphism of multiple concepts, in order to echo the theme of this forum on children's aesthetic education.

ICIF - Winding - First Prize Project of the State Natural Science Award Visual Art Exhibition Image Design

This project originated from the exhibition "Entanglement" held by the Innovation and Research Center of Nanyi&Zhongke University at the Shenzhen International Cultural Expo, marking the creativity derived from thinking about how art and science can be perfectly integrated. After numerous experiments, some concrete elements were abandoned and the simplest idea was returned. The letter a representing art was combined with the technological elements representing the quantum science particle entanglement model, and the three letter a shapes were combined with it, The processing of the three letters a also adopts different artistic effects to express the diversity of artistic design.

Symphony - Visual Image Design for the Art of Sound and Life Exhibition

The project is sponsored by the Central Conservatory of Music and the Central Academy of Fine Arts. DENY YESTERDAY, as a supporting unit, undertook the logo and main visual design of the project. The exhibition will be launched in the Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Central Conservatory of Music in October 2022. The logo is based on seal script music characters and is designed with elements such as records, spotlights, and sound waves. It highlights the long history and ancient Eastern charm of central music, as well as the randomness and rhythm of symphonic sound waves. It seeks the playfulness of modern concerts in tradition, giving people a brand new visual experience.

After the logo was finalized, the main visual design of the series of concerts and seminars was completed. The main visual design changed the style of the photo posters of previous concerts. The main graphic "Le" of the logo was used as the auxiliary graphic, combining the five themes and the characteristics of the symphony, such as mania, stereo, echo, sound wave, ethereal, etc., to express the unique experience of symphony and present it in a Visualization way. In terms of color considerations, a series of fluorescent colors are used to maintain the sense of serialization while neutralizing the monotony of the black and white background of the poster, without losing the symphony experience.

The grand atmosphere is infused with a sense of emotion. Subsequently, the production of materials such as program listings, work permits, and canvas bags was completed to meet the overall activity requirements.

Comprehensive Design for the Exhibition of Works on Caring for Children with Autism

The work originates from the secondary creation of graffiti works for children with autism, and most of the elements in the screen are derived from the graffiti of children with autism. Through deepening and reconstructing it, a series of eight ink poster works that care for children with autism have been formed. The work changes the creative perspective from the traditional Third-person pronoun to the first person, and takes the autistic children's graffiti as the creative core, striving to give people a new aesthetic perspective and new aesthetic experience.

The first work aims to express that the voices of children with autism are difficult to truly convey. The second work aims to express that discriminatory gaze can harm children with autism. The graffiti work aimed at expressing children with autism, although presented in various forms, still revolves around the desire to be cared for. The fourth work aims to express the parents of children with autism's desire for knowledge, which can change their children's fate of being discriminated against. The fifth work aims to express people's evaluation that it is easy to harm the hearts of children with autism. Work 6 aims to express that children with autism are also flowers of their motherland

Duo, eager for love. Work 7 aims to express that children with autism should repair their injured hearts through communication and care. Work 8 aims to express that relevant personnel are not allowed to play football and should actively take on the social responsibility of caring for children with autism.

Some Posters

Some Posters

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